Quota Fund/Friend Raisers for 2015

Quota is working hard to raise funds that will be used to help the deaf and hard of hearing and make a difference in the lives of many people in our community.

Our Fin/Fun committee has proposed three major 2015 fundraisers for Quota this year. Planning for the first one is already underway. Our popular ‘Show Me the Money” 50/50 raffle is back!  Chair Pam H. has applied for the raffle license and is busy making plans with her committee. Ticket sales will start on March 19 and continue until April 16 when a winning ticket will be drawn at our annual Installation Banquet. We hope all members and Quota friends will support this great event by buying tickets.  You never know–one of you might be the big winner this year!!

Our annual Duck Walk will be held in September. Co-chairs Martha H. and Sandi A. have plans for some new and exciting changes this year. And our final major fundraiser will be our annual Barnes & Noble Book Fair which will be held in November. Chairs Lisa B. and Pat C. are sure to have fun things planned. So watch the blog for more details as planning begins!

Please remember that Koeze’s products can be purchased year-round and the proceeds help us fund our service projects. Valentine’s Day is a great time for a Koeze treat.

And finally, Amazon Smile is always a great way to help out by just hitting a key on your computer. Visit, select Quota Grand Rapids Charitable Foundation as your chosen charity and a portion of all your Amazon purchases will help us help others.

Your support in all fundraising endeavors is much appreciated! Leave a message for us if you would like to join in the fun!

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How do we show we care?

We are exposed to many different blogs, news, articles and other forms of communication on a daily basis. Here is an article from Cynthia D’Amour that we, as a club and individuals, should carefully consider.

Are Your Members Leaving Because You Don’t Heart Them Enough?

I’m noticing a growing trend of disappointment from association volunteers.

  • Several have called me hurt more than complaining.
  • They were volunteer leaders who had to take a leave for a variety of reasons…
  • Surgery, family death, job change and more.

The source of their hurt – no one from their chapter cared they were not showing up.

  • In spite of being super active for many years.
  • And believing they had deep relationships with other leaders.
  • Not a card, call – or even an email.

IHeartRadioIt has been total radio silence – except radio isn’t so silent any more!

  • In fact one of my favorite radio station misses me.
  • More than some chapters are missing their star volunteers.

I signed up for iHeartRADIO.

  • Made some stations around the country my favorites.
  • Listened to 104.3 MYfm in Los Angeles a lot.
  • And then I stopped listening to the radio while working about three weeks ago.

Two days ago, I got an email from iHeartRADIO saying 104.3 MYfm missed me…

“Hey there,

It’s been a while since you listened to 104.3 MYfm Los Angeles.

Did something heavy fall on you? If you need help, we’ll be right over to lift it off!

Come back and let us know you’re ok!”

An app on my phone cares more about me than many chapters show caring for their members.

  • In four sentences, I felt noticed, cared about – and missed.
  • Yes, I know it was auto-generated.
  • But it still made me smile.

This type of communication is growing as for-profits want to build emotional connections to consumers.

  • Your chapter is going to have to step up its game in caring for members.
  • Members will be asking themselves, “If an app can miss me, why don’t people who I’ve volunteered with for years?”
  • Without the heart connection, the reason to belong pales.

How do you stay on top of the big events in your members’ lives – and show that you heart them too?

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A message from Yvonne

At our meeting last Thursday night, Yvonne Babe (our District 20 Governor) spoke about three ways to rev up our club. She is very proud that Grand Rapids is already doing these, but urged us to strive to find news ways to follow these three tips.

Launch A JQ (Junior Quota) Club

We have one of 43 JQ clubs in the entire Quota organization! Saturday, we held a “day camp” experience. Check back to see pictures of the fun we had sharing with our JQ members.

Spice up Club Service projects

Create new interest in the club by both current members and recruits by planning new service projects. Clubs around the world are doing this. Yvonne spoke about a couple of clubs, one in the Netherlands that changes their service projects every five years!

Don’t forget to check out Our international website has many ideas and anyone can check it out! Each Quota member was assigned a special sign-in (Emily has that information or you may request it through Q.I.) but don’t be afraid to go to the website and search on your own. The Quotarian news magazine archives are a great place to search for new ideas. Our club is always open to new ideas. Contact Kim or Kathy F. to find out how you can share your brilliant service project!

Keep it Simple and Flexible

Quota clubs are changing and being proactive pays benefits in the form of happier members, more recruits, and a club with a brighter future. Finding ways that our club can become simplified and flexible may help improve retention of members, increased recruitment, and a happier club!

Quota has its eyes on the future. The way we volunteer, communicate and stay involved in our community is changing. We need to be open to change and think about how we can reach out to people who are too busy for regular meetings, want to volunteer to make a difference, and have fun.

Quota of GR

We are working hard to find new ways to reach out; this blog and our Facebook page are two ways you can share what we do with friends and family. They don’t have to be living in Grand Rapids to keep up with our fundraisers or service projects.

Be sure to invite friends to our monthly meetings. We are making a difference and we need to be sure that we are letting everyone we know how big of a difference we make!

And remember, if you can’t make it to a meeting, check here to see what you missed! This is a quick and easy way to see what’s going on in our club!

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